101 things that make life fabulous.

Recently, I have found myself reading blogs more than anything else in my day.
I spend more hours reading into the lives of people across the world than I do sleeping.
(and this is no exageration)
I came across lists of 10 things that make them happy
I've had a list of 101 that only made it to 75 for quite some time.
As I read their every happiness wrapped up in 10, I found myself saying,
"Oh I love that" many many times.
So a little unique, a little made up, and a little stolen......
my 101 is finally finished.
{in no order whatsoever}

1. his half smile he gives me when he thinks i did something cute.
{butterflies galore. still.}
2. waking up with his hand just grazing mine. his feet touching mine. and zoey snuggled in between.
3. reading blogs, blogging, and more blogs.
4. random fun days. when there was no plan, but it was the best day of your life.
5. the very second the roller coaster hits the peak and that pause.
6. when i'm eating something zoey wants and without command just sits at my feet.
7. slim jims and yoohoo with a super best friend.
8. shopping for hours beyond anyone can stand but me & my momma.
9. being someone's favorite.
10. sharing secrets.
11. driving in the summer with the windows cracked, the sun roof open, and the music blasting.
12. they way old converse fit my feet so perfect and look so worn in.
13. uncontrollable giggles when tears are streaming down my face and my sides hurt.
14. being the only girl in the room full of boys who love me
(aka my husband, my brothers, my pops, my nephews and uk)
15.surprising him. when really he had caught on days before and didn't tell me.
16. my iphone (what i did before its existence im really not sure)
17. going off course. taking the road less traveled.
18. taking photos of everything and anything. the world is a beautiful place.
19. the last chapter of a book. when everything comes together. then imagining how the story continues.
20. optimistic people. happy people. life is a beautiful thing people.
21. magazines in my mailbox
22. making lists. crossing off lists. making more.
23. the sound of a polaroid picture.
24. serious heart to hearts.
25. kids playing with bubbles.
26. matching tattoos.
27. shooting stars
28. looking down at my fave ring ever.
29.love is.... cartoons that i can relate to.
30. old school cartoons.
31. going to a show where we don't know any of the bands. but rock out just the same.
32. trying new things that end up being loves.
33. anthropology dresses on sale.
34. anything on sale really.
35. the first day on vacation where you're so overwhelmed and don't know where to start first.
36. hugging for hours after a long absence.
37. purple skittles.
38. kids laughter.
39. a 5 year old with a cute raspy voice.
40. hearing a song that brings you right back to a dreamy memory
41. a text message saying "i love you"
42. finding the perfect gift.
43. kissing my puppy
44. inside jokes.
45. the way a piece of paper feels after its been written on with pen.
46. the feeling after the first time he kissed me.
47. the feeling when he first asked me to marry him.
48. the feeling as i listened to his vows and declare his love for me.
49. the smell of play do
50. cake batter ice cream & peanut butter shakes.
51. hearing ti-ti from my 3 year old nephews when they need something.
52. hearing them say im there best friend.
53. singing in my car at the top of my lungs while thinking im actually at my concert.
54. taking pictures of kids, when theyre not posing.
55. freshly painted toe nails.
56. my notebook aka my life.
57. barefeet in warm sand.
58. new shoes.
59. photo shoots. random photo shoots.
60. old couples holding hands.
61. mixtapes. made by him. for me.
62. knowing im living my life the way it was meant to be lived.
63. candid photos.
64. people watching. making up stories of their lives.
65. kissing at red lights.
66. taking a drive with no destination. exploring.
67. love notes from husband.
68. antique stores. the smell. the whole idea of hundreds of years of life behind each piece.
69. wishing on the first star & falling eye lashes.
70. the anticipation of something you've been longing to do.
71. carnivals. the cotton candy. the rides. winning gold fish.
72. my ridiculous obsession with scarves, tights and funky boots.
73. redbull. the big one. with a straw. when he buys me one before i even ask.
74. new socks.
75. fresh laundry.
76. the 800th time i wore my jeans before washing them. cozy.
77. poppy's burgers with an amazing new friend.
78. making new friends.
79. talking to strangers and knowing you might have made their day.
80. nyc @ nite.
81. watching shirley temple movies. marathon style.
82. arcades. skee ball. air hockey. pac man.
83. saying i love you and really meaning it with all your heart.
84. wind beneath my wings.
85. confiding in my mom about everything. she is my heart & soul.
86. being the only girl.
87. spending the entire day with puppy and law & order.
88. doritos & onion dip.
89. smiling so much my jaw hurts.
90. game nite.
91. romantic comedies where boy meets girl. they fall in love. and live happily ever after.
92. playing guitar hero on medium and killing it.
93. the thought of one day playing on expert.
94. imagining what our lives will be like in 5, 10, 20 years?
95. all things wedding
96. finding money in your coat from last year.
97. playing in the rain.
98. a surprise vistit at work from "him"
99. pregnant women in cute outfits.
100. referring to me and husband to corey and tapanga.
101. making "our" dreams come true.

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