Don't you know there's no pumpkins in the patch a week before Halloween?!?

A day I had been looking forward to since last year's pumpkin picking adventure.
And since me and jacpfef have been talking about carving pumpkins.

Of course, we started at Poppy's. Because what is any jackiekate adventure without?
I'm pretty sure we are Paul's absolute fave eaters.
{altho since I insulted his veg burger I might have dropped down a few notches}
We introduced Carrie and Meg to the Poppy's experience.
And then we were for real off to the farm.....
once we figured out where it was.

We found it! And in plenty of time before they closed. Pumpkin carving was so close.
And wouldn't you know it? The pumpkin patch was out of pumpkins.
Yes I was as surprised as you are.

We found pumpkins in a crate, but they were not very pretty pumpkins.
And definitely not pumpkin carving worthy.

We caught the atmosphere of real pumpkin picking.
Then we bought pumpkins the easy way. @ the plant store.

And so we carved away. And they came out awesome!
Ooooo Spooooky!

And what would a end an already fab sunday.....


candy bracelets.

 chinese food.

and apples to apples.

{did i mention the yanks are on to the series?}

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