re-designing the "loft"

@ jackie's today
(my siamese twin. share a brain. for serious.)
her apartment is super cute. and always inspires me to go home and get decorating.
unfortunately i had to rush to work.
so tomorrow is all about making the west elm apartment im always dreaming of.
(as well as making jackie some pb cookies. our fave.)
have a bagillion ideas and cant wait to get them all done.
chalkboard paint my door & desk area.
paint dining room chairs.
paint all dressers and desk.
paint bedroom walls.
rearrange bedroom furniture.
wedding picture wall.
pictures on dining wall.
put up cork boards.
paint bathroom. put up pictures.
get rug.
wallpaper something?
& ben's home to help. im sure he'll be *super* excited.
stay tuned for picture updates.

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