is this about my friday or about my life?

{NYC} was a blast.
I suppose it's not necessarily the places you go, but the people you surround yourself with.
We drove, we walked, we subwayed, we trained, and we taxied to and throughout the city.
And we did nothing, but laugh along the way.

I must say throughout my lifetime (thus far) I have met some amazing people.
I have a fabulous bunch of friends. Many can't say they have one true, and I can't count mine on both hands.
I love you all. You each make me the person I am today.
Some keep me grounded, some keep me crazy, some keep me responsible, some keep me partying,
some keep me optimistic, and some keep me realistic.

And this weekend, they kept me laughing non-stop!

We were "those" people..... and they loved us.

Highlight of the day.
I tripped on the sidewalk.
My body tripped, but my brain was being murdered apparently.
Because that's how I screamed.
As if I was being murdered.
But it made for laughs the rest of the day.
and the next. and the next.
(and probably for the rest of my life)

and the perfect ending. to a perfect day.

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