i love him. i love him. i love him.

throw up. hate us. whatever you have to do.
i {LOVE} him.
this month always gives me butterflies. its the month where we started talking and dating again.
it reminds me of that first nite we were supposed to hang out again.
we talked for weeks and weeks.
then he had a show in pok. i begged, pleaded, and then some to  get someone to come with me.
no takers.
i obvee couldn't go it alone. i finally get to see him and he'll think i was a loser.
no thanks.
so i had to wait another whole week to see him. no biggie rite?
especially when he called me from his show as soon as he rocked out.
saying he missed me there. (sigh)
from there on..... MAGIC!

true love. fairy tale. happily ever after.
stuck forever <3

and now we have our little family.
and i love him even more.
he continues to surprise me and come out with cute little things to make me smile.
he says "i love you" a lot.
i love hearing it. i love saying it back even more.

we have our little tiffs.
and that's ok. he looks cute when he gets all mad.
but when all is said and done.
he says "i love you"
even if it is in a grumpy voice.

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xxJackie said...

i love this - it was the perfecttt start to my day.