leggings, tights, or fabulous high waisted jeans?

so today is the day of THE interview.
every decision we make in life vastly changes our future.
it could be something as simple as wearing leggings today over my tights and super cute dress.
me accepting the positon ( if i am offered) or declining.
every thought, every choice will one day bring me to a different path in life.
i guess thats why i take all decisions so seriously.
what if i never joined myspace to look at a friend's pictures?
no ben. no husband.
(we didnt meet on myspace, we reunited on myspace.)
something as simple as clicking sign  up changed my forever.
i am beyond happy with my life right now.
yes, i want my dream job and to be financially comfortable.
but i have a job i like, a husband i adore, a puppy i smother, a family to envy,
& friends.... well friends that i'd take bullets for.
corny as it sounds. this is a life most search their whole lives for.
and here it is. perfection @ 25.
so you can see where my dilemna is.
how do i mess with what already seems couldnt get any better?
am i being selfish for wanting more?

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