time to give thanks.

I've missed you blog family.
I have had quite the eventful week.
Friend time, family time, husband time.
I don't want this week to end!

I love this time of year.
When everyone is thankful for what we have.
It's the one time of year people forget about what we don't have, who doesn't love us and all the negatives in our lives.
It opens eyes to everything we do have, all the people that love us dear, and everything we should be living for.

I, for the most part, have a fabulously positive outlook on life.
And I usually don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to remind me of all the things I am lucky to have.
 Unfortunately, on Wednesday I needed Thanksgiving, because I was forgetting everything I was about.
I was full of negativity and only thought of every possibly wrong thing going on in my life.
I guess we all have our days that we're not proud of.
Fortunately for me, I have a husband who does not let me have bad days.
He has a wonderful way of reminding me that I have nothing to wallow about.
That being said, although late, here is what I am thankful for and why my days are far and few between:

1. my romantically sweet and super fun husband.
2. my fabulous puppy who will always be my first daughter.
3. my mom and dad for never being nothing but amazing
4. my brothers who are best friends and my heros
5. my super best friend for being SUPER.
6. my next door neighbor for sooo many reasons.
7.  my beautiful nieces and nephews for keeping me silly.
8. my keke. sisters @ <3.
9. my uber fabulous canon that captures all my fave moments.
10. my super cute apartment that i share with my cute husband and silly puppy.

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xxJackie said...

I am thankful for KATIE. (And Poppy's.)