weekends are the new black.

Spectacular. Weekend.
Yankee parade. Photo shoot. Medieval Times. Fabulous friends. Cheer Competition.
I was busy, busy, busy.
Therefore, this Monday is very hard to stay up.

We got a late start to the parade. I missed Yankee pictures. But I got fan pics galore.

Medieval Times was great until we found out we had the worst knight.
We were the loudest group in that place.
That alone should have made our guy win. I mean we were LOUD.
He punked out at the end of his fight and didn't even die with dignity.
It was a good day with friends. And I get to hang with dirrrty kid!
(sorry no pictures, left the house w/o a mem card)
We finished the night with fabulous friends.

Sunday was our cheer competition.
And the last day of cheerleading altogether.
I'm sad because there are a handful of girls who I will miss dearly.
At the same time, I don't know what I will do with all my free time. It will be glorious.
I was pretty nervous about their routine today, but they pulled it out like *ROCK*STARS*
(this time I left the card in the car. im awesome. so here's some pics from the season)

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