sponsor an adventure.

Give for a Cause.
needs donations to get there!
She is going to Africa for such a great cause.
I think the world would be such a perfect place if we all did our part, as Carrie is doing.
She will be spending 3 months helping out others in need.
Giving up her family, friends, home, and comfort zone to change lives.
She is such an amazing lady and I know she will make a difference in many lives.
She's already made one in mine.

{click here} to help sponsor Carrie and her journey to another world.

If you need anymore convincing.....
Jackie from {exp0sed brick} will be hosting a giveaway in exchange for your good deed.
How fabulous!!

For every donation $5 or more you will be entered to win....
{holga camera}
{beautful print .:Wish:. from jackielion}
{some special surprises}

Tell the world about this fabulous adventure of Carrie's and Jackie's giveaway,
& be entered to win twice!

This is such a great cause.
And Carrie is such a brave, amazing soul to be tackling it.
Please show your appreciation & sponsor her right away!
{you may even get something back!}


Meghan said...

love your blog. Love this cause!

Happy last week of 09!

xxJackie said...

i love love love you.
just sayin'.


Kellie said...

I just bought myself a holga camera.. it's love!

kateigh said...

I actually just got one for Christmas from the fabulous jackie from exposed brick actually!!

I can't wait to get out and use it!


Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

what a good cause!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

very cool, ill check it out!

frank said...

Hey I just started my blog =)
What do you think?



Allison said...

That's a great cause, and your blog is beautiful! :D

katrina said...

okay so i struggle hahaha i dont know how to respond to your message.

i did recieve my ornament and i LOVE it! thank you so much!!! really. wonderful. im such a christmas lover anything red or green gets me. perfect.

oh you are so sweet! and i absolutely love your blog. im so delighted that through michaelas ornament swap we were introduced!

kateigh said...

oh I'm so glad you like it. you're so sweet. love your blog.