i will be my own sucess story!

i have landed a new job.
not the job of my dreams.
but a job that will only get me closer.
a job that will instantly make me happy & have a little more self worth than my current.
& best/worst part is....
no more overnights.
in a way, i think i will miss this.
1. because i only work sunday- thursday night.
weekends off.
2. because it's overnight.
it feels like i have everyday off.

but i will survive.
when i actually feel the pay off of a decent night's sleep.
me and rockstar husband are thrilled!

truth is lately....
this has been the one thing keeping me down.
i feel like i don't have much direction.
or maybe the opposite.
i have too many directions.
i am indecisive.
and really, i don't know what i want to be when i grow up.

i was always so jealous in high school when everyone had their whole lives mapped out.
and i was told one day, you too will figure it out.
then in college when everyone had it figured out.
majors and everything.
graduating with fancy degrees.
and still i was told, in time, you too will figure it out.
and today,
when all my friends have careers. and well, they're grown ups.
i still hear it.
you'll figure it out.
well, one request.
can i please figure it out before i reach 80??

there are tons of things i imagine myself doing.
but none that stick out above the others.

so this year....
im taking control.
i am taking one of those ideas (actually 2)
and running with it.
2009 was fabulous, but
2010 will be out of this world!


bd said...

i've always been the same way. i think i would be really good at a lot of things but ONE thing doesn't stand out. sooo for right now, i have a job that pays the bills and warms my heart [sometimes]. that's why my hubby and i say we are "brand new" to this "grown-up" thing... and maybe we won't get any better at it. ;) good luck with your fresh start and this could be what leads you to where you want to be! how exciting!


chelsea rebecca said...

this is so inspiring! and congrats on the new job!

Kimbirdy said...

YES! I know just what you mean. I am 2 semesters away from finishing grad school for psychology and I'm thinking, "What do I want to be when I grow up? Maybe I'll go to school for graphic design..." Except that I've already gone to school for music, english, psychology and elementary education. Oy. So from the bottom of my heart I really wish you luck in seeking out what will make you happiest!

Micaela said...

CHEERS to your new job! and yes, not the job of your dreams but one step closer.

2010 is magical so far, yes? :)

send some good vibes my way for landing a job (any job!) in my new city. Sending out resumes tomorrow... it's always a scary thing to do.

but my wish for 2010 was also to be brave.

Carrie said...

Yay to you for the new job!

And I totally get how you feel about 'figuring it out.'

I say we have a celebratory lunch at Poppy's when we get back!

Jenni said...

Woo Hoo! Go you! And Congratulations on the new job :) I need to find one of those stat!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

Amen! Very inspiring!

kateigh said...

thanks so much for all the support. you girls make me feel better about everything. and i am glad to know i am not the only one in this situation.

good luckk micaela & jenni!! i know you'll do great and land something amazing.

carrie- poppy's is much needed and was already planned for your arrival. hehe.

girls- good luck in all you do. make sure whatever it is, it makes you happy!

*donna* said...

this is exactly how i felt last year until i started my new job this month! isn't it rubbish when lack of direction gets you down.

but well done you for going out there and doing something about it :0)

you may not be in your PERFECT job but everything is about timing and taking the rights steps.

congratulations on taking control!

Nicole Marie said...

good for you! good luck with everything!