top 5 tuesdays {movies}

in honor of oscar nominations.
it will be a top 5 movie day.
once again, choosing only 5 favorite is a chore. 
so this is my top 5 from my childhood.

1. spaceballs
2. beetlejuice
3. ferris bueller's day off
4. bugsy malone
5. any shirley temple movie

{there will be a post one day of my love for shirley temple!}


Kimbirdy said...

Your top three are definitely some of my favs. Also, The Goonies!!! So. Good.

Elizabeth Denise said...

i love heidi and the little princess with shirley temple!

kateigh said...

ahhh goonies how could i forget????

The Childlike empress said...

Beetlejuice used to scare me something silly when i was little...

should i admit that because of this is still scares me a little bit!

Meg said...

ferris bueller is STILL one of my favorite movies! i drop everything and watch when i find it on tv... luckily i got it this year for christmas! now i can watch whenever i want :)

kateigh said...

ferris bueller and spaceballs are still in my top 10 faves!! they get funnier and funnier each time i watch!


Mari said...

i was obsessed as a kid with beetlejuice and ferris bueller's day off can't help but make you happy and smile...great picks!

alissa said...

oh shirley temple movies were the best! we had the whole collection - can you get them on dvds now?

fabulous blog by the by, just found it tonight!