the blurb project

remember my dear friend @ grey strawberrys?
well she is in the beginning works of hosting this super special project!
please check it out and join!

in her words:
The Blurb Project takes advantage of modern computer technology to use Blurb, a service which lets anyone make their own books, advertising them on their own shop where they can be bought. This project involves any blogger (there are T & C's) to be able to include a 'profile' of sought, about them, their inspiration, what they do, why they blog and their job is to do what they do everyday - inspire, whether you review make up, have done book swaps, the notebook journey! (this sounds amazing) or you make your own jewellery, cards or toys, this is the place where I want you to showcase your stuff, and so you send me the stuff you want on your page, and any preferences of design, or i'll design it for you, and I'll make your page to put in the big blogger book. (How about that for a title?) It could work on an interview basis, such as I ask you questions etc, and also I include images of you/your works/your inspirations etc. I have made a blurb book before, and they come out beautiful, hi-res pictures and excellent binding, it is like a real book. It would be cool if we could get everybody who wants to be in on this included, I guess some will vary in length too, if not we could do a 'big book of bloggers number2' ;)

i love love love this idea! 
i can not wait to see what comes of it.

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