super sunday

today was uber productive.
no lazy sunday for this girl.
and i feel amazing about it.
i finally got around to organizing and re-arranging
things to make our house look a little more like "home"
and that it is.
there is still plenty of work to be done.
i needed some rockstar husband help but he worked all day.
sooo tomorrow is another day.
and many pictures will be posted.
as i am finally not so embarrassed to show off where we live.
our cute little house.
if only it was a teeny bit bigger cute little house.
but for now, it will be perfect.

tonight i am off to mom's
for family dinner.
and the jets game i guess.
im the only one in the fam that's not a super football fan.
i like it.
i can take it or leave it.
so while everyone else is off screaming at the tv.....
ill be hanging out with some cuties!

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