holy hiatus.
life happens pretty fast.
i feel like i am blinking and
there it goes.

well, folks.
i turned the big 2-9 last month.
i have vowed to make these next 12 (ok ok 11) months nothing short of amazing.
i even started a mini scrapbook to document my year of fabulous.
and of course the opening page states my *rules & resolutions* of life before 30.
and number one in there is to start blogging regularly. i miss my little blog family.
with all the other forms of social media today, i have lost touch with my blog world.
but here we are. and this year will be the best, yet to blog away.

quick recap:
this chic is 2 and a half years old..... when did that happen?
she is stubborn and cranky and whiny,
and sometimes just absolutely unreasonable.
((hellllooooo terrible twos))
but! i absolutely, positively love this girl with every ounce of my being.
i am even trying to figure every plan out to be a stay @ home mama-
and spend the most time i could absolutely spend with her.

this guy, he still has my heart
it may not be my whole heart anymore
but he has learned to share nicely.
i still manage to fall more in love with him by the minute.
watching him be "daddy" is his most attractive attribute.
he is a better father than i ever imagined.

i have really built up this little photo business of mine.
it is not so crazy that i have left my full time job, yet.
and don't tell my rockstar husband, but it is one of my *resolutions*
doing what i love and being home with my partner in crime??
-anyway- it is growing slowly, but faster than ever and i couldn't be more excited!
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((blog under construction. heavy construction))

we had a rough year, well some rough moments of the year.
but i have vowed....
remember more good moments than bad.
talk about the good instead of complaining about the bad.
and be grateful for everything life hands me.
not always easy, but always puts a smile on my face in the end.

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