craft day.

Me and JacPfef found our spot today.
Hobby Lobby.
It's a toss between ACMoore, Home Goods, Pier One, and Heaven.
((according to Jac))
We were just "stopping by" to see what it was about.
If by stopping by we meant shop for 3+hours.
Every aisle was filled with "I love its" "Thats fabulous" and "Awesome"
Then followed by a thud into the cart.
{note to self: no more sharing carts between shopaholics}
Needless to say, we left with pretty amazing finds.
Expect our Etsy shop to be fully up by December 1st.
We had a  blast getting our project ideas together today.
I hope you all love them as much as we love them.
We were so excited about them, we got home and didn't know what to start first.
We promise you will not be disappointed.
Very fun stuff.


jessica said...

Hobby Lobby is definitely somewhere I have to go with a list and just go in and get out. Otherwise I spend all day and all my money!!! :)

Micaela said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hobby Lobby! i find the best gifts there.

kateigh said...

We were very unaware of what we were walking into. It's a dangerous place for either of us. Haha.