Winter *Wonderland*

Winter is slowly apporaching, which usually means
hibernation, depression, and yucky snow.
NOT this year!
I have decided this winter will be different. It will be an amazing winter.
I've planned out almost every weekend between now and {st. pattys}
And it's all kinds of fun stuff.
{nyc tourist day, 80's prom nye, murder mystery dinner, satc girls night & endless craft days to name a few}
I will no longer be wasting one second of my life on mediocre moments.
This is all about living life fabulously.
And no other way.

While on the subject of winter.....
who else is excited for christmas?
I can't wait to rummage through my boxes and boxes of delightful holiday decor.
I can't wait to make our new traditions as husband & I celebrate our first christmas married.
I can't wait to put up the "real" tree that will so quickly bring me back to amazing childhood memories.
I can't wait to wrap everyones presents and make the packaging look even better than the present.
I can't wait to see the look on husband's face after he opens his presents ;)
I can't wait to see all my out of town family. Nothings better than holiday get togethers.
And in case you haven't figured this out, yet, I can't wait for Christmas
{well maybe I can wait a little because of all the fun stuff before}

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