ornament swap. yay!

I've been uber excited about Dolce Vita's Ornament Swap
since the first time I saw it on Exposed Brick. 
Sooo needless to say all I have been thinking about what kind of amazing ornament I can make for a fellow blogger out there.
It has me thinking. Who will get my ornament?
Is she into sparkles and glitter?
Or sassy and cute?
Maybe old school and vintage?
I guess I will have to put a little of myself into it and hope for the best.
If you have not signed up for the swap, yet, I suggest you get your butt over to Dolce Vita 
and do so.
I hope I get yours!!


Micaela said...

you are so cute!!! I'm glad you've joined my swap :)


Micaela said...

ps. I love jackie too! i think it's fabulous you guys are friends. :)