did you ever know that you're my hero?

There's nothing quite like a mother*daughter bond.
For those of you who never experienced this. I'm sincerely sorry.
Many will try, but no one quite gets me like my mom.
I've never felt I had to lie to my mom. She would be able to tell right away anyway.
While all my friends were sneaking out and being crazy,
I was running home and telling my mom all the gossip.
I swear she stayed up some nights just to wait to hear all the latest.
I can truly say that my mom is never less than a fantastic mother, whom I've been lucky enough to equally call a best friend.
She is the mom all the kids on the block wished they had.
And really they might as well, she always treated all our friends as if they were her own.
Opening her heart and home to them.
Moving out was probably one of the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Mostly, because being away from  her, is for serious, torture.

10 fabulous facts:
1. She is no doubt my hero and I am the wind beneath her wings.
2. She is guaranteed to be the first one out dancing at a wedding.
(and you've never experienced meatloaf (pbdl) until you've experienced my mom doing it)
3. She never cooked for 5, she cooked for 15 hoping friends would be over to help eat.
4. She can instantly bring out any emotion I was hiding.... just by looking at me.
5. She is a SPECTACULAR Mom Mom. She wears the name well.
6. 95% of her actions are selfless acts.
7. She taught me everything I know about shopping. And she is the only one I'm able to go "real shopping" with. The rest of the world just doesn't get it.
8. I'm secretly "not so secretly" her favorite. She waited to have me to stop having kids.
9. She buys watermelon, takes out all the seeds, and cuts it up into amazing bite size pieces for us.
10. Her laugh is contagious. It will put me into laughter instantly. As is her crying.


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