weekend update: ornament buddies are here!

I would love  to tell of my fab weekend, but first good news.
I received my ornament swap partner today!
(but its a secret so im not telling who!)
I'm aware I have announced my excitement in plenty of previous posts, but I still don't think you are sure.
I am ridiculously excited.
So much so, my ornament has been made since the day after I signed up.
(if you haven't, you're missing out!)
Needless to say, I will be visiting the post office first thing in the morning.

Now for the weekend.
Why did it end?
It was another amazing friends filled weekend.
No we didn't see "New Moon" and yes I missed "Hit the Lights"
And still a spectacular weekend was had.

It started with JacPfef's wonderful little dinner party.
Dinner was delish!
And Apples to Apples was played.
Friday night success.

We decided spontaneity would be the way to go Sat night.
We declared it, "Saturday Nite Dance In the City With No Pants"
(I'm positive we said it different in the little rap we made, but this was the main idea)
AKA Sans Pants.
So we got our cutest little dresses on and ventured down to where the city never sleeps.
And we did what we went to do..... We Danced!

i absolutely *heart* my friends.
They make me live for today.
And the only hours I wasn't laughing my butt off this weekend... were hours I was sleeping.

This week will be filled with many more exciting adventures and a million laughs I'm sure.

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