separated @ birth?

This post may come off wierd or borderline stalkerish.
But that is not the intention at all.
I must tell you of the new friend I refer to as JacPfef.
(maybe not new but the newest addition to loves of my life)

Have you ever met someone who just gets you?
Understands why you say the things you say or do the things you do?
She does that and more.
Not only does she understand these things. She says the things I say and does the things I do, herself.
Did I mention, thinks the way I think?
This is not an easy task. My brain works in very odd, yet complex ways.
I wouldn't expect anyone in the world to see things in my perspective.
She does.
{she thought dressing like spice girls for halloween was fabulous just as i did}
We have the same views on life, religion, boys, friends, family, EVERYTHING.
It's scary almost.
How many times in one conversation can you say.....
Me too. I was just thinking that. I was going to say that. I want that too. OMG.
Well if you sat in on just one of our adventures, you'd be sure to hear it a bagillion times.
I don't even remember what my life was like before her.
Besides husband, she is the first text I get in the morning/afternoon.
We then hang out most of the afternoon (inc. trips to Poppy's).
Then do "family" dinners atleast 3-4 times a week.
Then we go on adventures every weekend.
And we laugh and laugh and laugh, and act sillier than most 20 something ladies.
I actually see her more than I see husband.
I've never spent this much time with anyone and didn't get sick of them.
But I can't wait for our daily lunches and craft projects.
(stay tuned for our fab craft day post tomorrow)

I guess it's just nice to know, there is someone else out there like me.
Like me in every way.
And I love it.

10 facts you must know about jackiekate.
1. We buy fake mustaches for silly picture day.
2. We plan things like Murder Mystery dinners and 80's Prom.
3. We both have a ridiculous obsessions with anything vampire. (New Moon 2days)
4. We had similar apartments bare. With decoration, they are still the same apartment. Our doors are 4' away from each other.
5. We hate that no one in Beacon delivers, even the pizzeria directly across the street.
6. We've made our comfort place a cute little table in a burger joint. (where a burger is being named after us)
7. We scare basically everyone around us. With good reason I suppose.
8. We both secretly like it when crazy skateboard kids fall. We actually anticipate it.
9. If you've seen Taylor Swift's SNL best friends skit, you've seen us. We're worse.
10. We're obsessed us. (who isn't tho?)

*Keep your eyes open for {jackiE}katE & {zoeY}roC to see our craft projects come to life*

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