for my beautiful unborn children. <3

I have found myself thinking a lot about kids, lately.
Which is odd because I know I don't want to have them for atleast a couple more years.
I find myself pondering names and what I'll nickname them.
I think about all the things I want to do with them and all the new traditions I can't wait to start with them.
Where I want to live with them and how I want them to grow up.
All the fun clothes I'm going to dress them up in.
And how everytime I walk down the street, people will stop and envy what a lovely little family we are.

This could stem from the oodles and oodles of  kiddie blogs I drool over daily.
Or maybe I just hit that time.
That time where kids are the next step and the mother in me is screaming to come out.
Strange is I know that time isn't right now.
Yet, I'm constantly thinking about all of it.

So I have decided to combine my newly found passion for maternal destiny with my goal to write a fabulous book.
I know they have all been written over and over again.
(how to raise them, what to expect, fun things to do with your kids, cookbooks, etc, etc, etc)
The list goes on and on.
This will be different.
This will be something I can give them when they are ready to have children.
It will tell them who I wanted to be as a mother
and all the best things I hoped for my children.
All the fabulous things I wanted to do with them, places they needed to see, & things they needed to feel.
So they know how to live life the best way possible.
To look at life as a beautiful gift and embrace every beautiful moment,
as well as accept every awful moment.
Because everything happens for a reason and will make them the beautiful people they are sure to be.

**Stay tuned for future clips of my book to my beautiful unborn children**


Micaela said...

this is just lovely.
and just really touched my heart.

your unborn babies are already lucky to be loved so much.

i can't wait to see the clippings!!!


xxJackie said...

I do love this. Something you said over lunch yesterday was really beautifully put and it just keeps popping into my head, about seeing past people's appearances and looking at their hearts. Your version was much more eloquent, of course. You should post that. Or tell me how you put it so that I can quote you, because it's just lovely.

Oh and I love you.

That is all.