ill eat you up, i love you so. photographs.

Dear loves,
You will absolutely hate cameras by the time you are five. Because every moment from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep there will be flashes in your face. There will be even more of your darling faces when you are sleeping. this, my loves, is the aftermath of being born into a family of photographers. And I want to capture every single moment. I want the cute pictures of you in mid sneeze, and the ones where you are crying because you just scraped your knee, and even the ones of you in the bath with each other. (these will strictly be for embarrassment purposes only. hehe) I want you to be able to see every step of  your life.
I want to do montly portraits. and crazy family pictures. not just taken by us, but aunt jackie will have to schedule us in for some sessions. We'll make family pyramids, atleast once color coordinate, and take all those silly pictures parents who just adore their children make them take.
But then the rest. the rest will be unconventional, not paying attention, candid shots. Because those are my favorite. The real ones. None where I'm making you smile or forcing you to look a certain way. The ones that capture the moment exactly as it was. With the same feeling as the day it was captured.
It will take us months to find the baby picture to put in your yearbook senior year. So many pictures would have been perfect. We'll eventually find the best.
You will have cameras in your hand, as soon as  your hands are strong enough to hold them. You will become obsessed, quite like us. You will want to take pictures of everything. And they will come out beautiful. And they will be featured throughout the house. Along with framed artwork, of course.
You will be able to show your children (my grandchildren, oh my) every single moment ever worth mentioning and maybe even some that aren't. They won't have to visualize anything because we will have it all documented.

I'll eat you up, I love you so.


xxJackie said...

oh i just teared up.
just so you know, you're not having kids until I'm ready to have kids, so that all of the photos will have our kids hanging out together. they'll be inseparable just like us and we'll be forced to send out a joint Christmas card because it just can't be any other way.

Ohh my Kate, I will miss you so this week </3

Nicole Marie said...

so cute!! i love this little series you have going on!

kateigh said...

jackie- i need to stop writing these letters. they make me want to produce! lol. jk. not now. but really, maybe this should be something to do when i get preggers.

thanks nicole!!