i'll eat you up i love you so. the beginning.

Dear loves,
      I love you so much already. I don't know who you are, what your names will be, but I know that I love you with everything my heart has to offer. You're only a thought right now. A glimpse into the future. A future I can no wait to embrace. Your rockstar daddy and I would be shopping for cribs tomorrow if we thought it was the right time for your appearance into the world. There's a few things we're figuring out first. We want to make your lives spectacular, so be patient. It will all be worth it when you get here.
     I already imagine being pregnant with you, my loves. I think pregnant women are beautiful and I think it will be fabulous to walk around with a burst of life in my tummy. I promise to never think I'm fat. I'll be styling a beauty "bump". Boy(s), when you have children, make sure to tell your wife how beautiful she is and how lovely what she's doing is. Girl(s), LOVE being preggers, as much as I hope to. You're doing the most amazing thing there is to do in this world.
     I change my mind everyday about the amount of kids I would like to have and in what order I'd like to have them in. I guess it's perfect that way. Because I will just love the way that it happens. I think it will be so exciting to name you all. Your name means so much. It can define who you are and who you will be. This will be you for a lifetime.
{I grew up in Queens, NY. The percentage of Caucasion kids in my class was, well..... there was me. This was a fabulous thing. I learned from day one, that colors were only colors and nationalities were all the same when you looked at someone's heart. Please, loves, don't ever forget this. We'll talk more about this later. So I was the only Katie in my class, actually in my school. My name was different. I stood out. Then in junior high, MomMom and PopPop decided to move us upstate. They did this for us, though I never understood why until I was grown. It was a hick town. And I was miserable. On top of everything, I walked into homeroom to find 3 other "Katies". Then a few here and there in each class after that. There were Katies and Kaitlyns and Katherines everywhere. I went from being "extra"ordinary to just ordinary. (Well my name that is. No one could take this dazzling personality away.)  Don't get me wrong, loves, I love my name! My PopPop gave it to me and that is the world to me.  But as you'll learn, I love to be different. I love to stand out. I want you to stand out, too. Be unique and be seen. Eventually I was called Katie J. That was my name. Even MomMom and Pop called me that. Everyone was uber excited when I decided to marry your rockstar dad because I wouldn't lose the "J". I heard that atleast 20 times at the wedding. }

     So different names you will get (or perhaps even just different spellings). Don't think of them as bad different. Think of them as yours. Making them part of who you are. Not so different that no one in the world will have it, but different enough. Different enough that MomMom won't be able to find any personalized pens, paper, ornaments, etc! for every holiday. I promise this is a blessing. (Don't tell her I said so. Just look disappointed when she says she can't find  your name.... again.)
     I love you California, Keiko, Jemma, Kyleigh, Reese, Luella, Lula, Brooklyn, Makenna, Lilah, Raine, Summer, Ryanne, Rory, Zyla, Moxie, Kaia, and Rae. I love you Kian, Malaky, Ashton, Parker, Jake, Kellan, Tristen, Liam, Kaleel, Kaeden, Rocket, Jude, August, Allister, Beacon, and Max.
* i suppose i should narrow this down a little.*
     No matter what your name, I will love you for all that you are. Because I know you will be amazing little humans no matter what. You'll make whatever name  you have the next trend. And I love you already for this.

 I'll eat you up I love you so.


Carrie said...

I just added this to my list of things that makes me smile!

kateigh said...

Aww I'm so happy. I'm really excited about doing this project and I hope it comes out the way I feel it.