my playground.

after posting my 7 wonders of my apartment
i decided i'd like to give you a tour.
as we finish the remodel, of course.
and today. i finally finished my work/play space.
who am i kidding.
it's a play space.

my new bookshelf.
(except all my books are in storage)

my fave lil thingamabob holders.
aren't they lovely?

carnival holga prints are my fave
(in case you were in need of a christmas present for me ;)

it definitely needs a little more work.
but finally a place i can't wait to sit for hours blogging & crafting.

(i apologize for the pictures. i decided flashes were overrated and rushed pictures would do fine)

1 comment:

Carrie said...

love your cans of spraypaint in the window. it might be time to do some spraypainting again because I finally got my taste back after "The Great Chroming of 2009" as I like to call it.

miss you sweets!