kreativ blogger award. yay!

Picking just *7* items in my apartment was near impossible.
I love everything and it all makes me who I am.
But this, my friends, is the list.
Of the magic and fabulousness out of 462 C.

{number} 1
this was my grandmother's jewelry box given to my mom.
my mom gave this to me on my 18th birthday.
we didn't have any heirlooms that were passed down,
so she decided it would all start with this.
i can't wait for my daughter's daughter's daughter to use this to put her fave jewelry in.
on the right..... my favorite jewelry ever.
the 2 rings that with a glance could make me laugh and cry.
the 2 rings that changed my life.
this heirloom i will start.
my engagement ring was made from the stones in my grandmothers engagement ring.
she told me she wanted me to have that ring when i found my "buddy".

{number} two
the first drawings my godson/nephew drew for us in our new apartment.
if you can't tell, he made some spiders and monsters.
i guess that was obvious though.
these now lay across my bright blue wall.
they're the best pieces of artwork we own.

{number} 3
love is....
one day ((soon)) me and rockstar husband will have matching love is tattoos.
what better to remind me then one of my fave cartoons everytime i walk in the bathroom.
this flower was worn on one of my first re-dates with rockstar husband.
these two items were the inspiration to my whole bathroom decor.

{number} four
work like you don't need the money.
love like you've never been hurt.
sing like no one is listening.
dance like no one is watching.
this is a good reminder.

{number} 5
this is my poprocks!
the only colorless corner of my apt.
there are framed cards from past birthdays and anniversaries and just because
between me and rockstar husband.
our wedding proof book by my bestie.
then some black & whites from our wedding.
((my personal fave. rockstar husband being a rOCKsTAR!))
then a frozen hot chocolate candle from my fave, Serendipity!

{number} 6
my "i dont wanna grow up" corner
with magic 8 ball.
best friends book from by super best friend, jenny!
my lil pony ornament. (if only we could find a perfume to smell like her)
"Oh the places you'll go" (one of the readings @ our wedding)
monster tissue box. (yup this is strictly to look at)
i would have loved to show you a full picture.
including my enormous mac and cute little craft area.
but it's undergoing some construction rite now ;)

{number} seven
our matching skateboards.
these were bought on our very spontaneous pre-wedding getaway.
we needed a mini- vacay so we hopped in the car and drove.
no plan. no hotel booked. no stress.
we decided on ocean city, md a few hours in.
found a hotel and had 3 days of fabulousness.
including, but not limited to, buying rad new skateboards and skating on the boardwalk.
(my mom just about had a heart attack the day we got back and were playing on our skateboards outside just a few weeks away from the wedding. i thought a hott pink would look awesome with my dress)

and there it is.
a little bit of me.
i hope you loved it.
i cant wait to read/see all about:

tag you're it!!


Micaela said...

Kate- i knew i would love your kreative post!!!

the clock by your ring- love it.
"we didn't have any heirlooms that were passed down,so she decided it would all start with this."- perfection.

"Love Is..." MY FAVE!!!! i can't wait to see which tats you guys get. they are adorable! i share a "love is" story with darling friend but it may be TMI... ;)

I LOVE how you framed it and that you keep it by the flower.

and is there any better art than babies'? esp when they're your nephew and godson.

& the 8 ball? I LOVE YOUR STYLE! a sentimental girl after my own heart.

thanks for playing! :) i loved seeing inside 462 c.

Toothfairy said...

I like the ring and box! and the pictures


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award!
I love this!!!! :)

kateigh said...

thanks so much!

and thanks micaela for tagging me in this awesome project. i had so much fun picking apart my apartment for my favorite things that gave you a glimpse of me.