weekend recap <3

sunday nights are always the hardest for me.
i am surrounded by absolutely amazing people who make my weekends beyond *spectacular*
so when sunday night comes around, when i have to start to go to work,
you can see where the problem is.
so i usually spend my sundays lounging around recovering from sleepless nights and fun filled days
but today, as told earlier, we entertained.
needless to say, i am quite exhausted.

one of my favorite things about sundays when i get to work
is jumping on blog world and remembering my past weekend.
and how i can't wait to make next weekend better.
(if possible)
so here. here are my top moments from the weekend.

1. movies, music, & chats with my bff brother on a long road trip
2. being the date to the fabulous carrie
(it was quite possibly the sweetest date i have ever been on)
3. introductions @ the wedding.
(carrie intro-ed me as her date, i intro-ed rj as my brother and jackie as my neighbor.)
4. hugging my puppy after missing her terribly
5. getting 90% of my christmas shopping done
6. grocery shopping with rockstar husband
7. meeting people as they said. so you're the soul mate we hear so much about. talk about making a girl blush
8. a full night of movies and puppy time with rockstar husband. with nothing else to do.
9. a darling dinner party with our parents.
10. realizing sometimes you need to let go, and know what you currently have is amazing. if it's meant to be, everything else will creep back in eventually.

hope you all had wonderful weekends!


*donna* said...

i think everyone suffers from the sunday night blues (at least occassionally anyway!)
glad you had a fabulous weekend. i'm so excited that we're only 4 days away from christmas :0)

Rhianne said...

sounds like you had a great weekend! I love your christmasy header!

kateigh said...

christmas really snuck up on us and i couldn't be happier!

Micaela said...

love your highlights.

can you believe Christmas is THIS WEEK?! days away....it's crazy.

hope the wedding was AH-MAZING :)

xxJackie said...

you forgot! you forgot! you forgot!

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.... Go. Just go. Just go.... Happy Wedding."

xx I loooooovvvvveeeeee youuuuuuu!