dinner party.

the snow has arrived.
thank you new york for not giving us half as much as you once promised.
it absolutely made my sunday.

tonight rockstar husband and i have plans to have a dinner party.
with both sets of parents.
and the snow would have ruined all our plans.
so i am super sonic excited
(as carrie would say)
that the snow has decided to keep at a minimum.

it will be our first parent dinner party since in our new place.
 since being mr & mrs jamieson
and since me being a domestic wife.
(ok the last one is a stretch but my cooking has definitely improved)

and i love when both our families get together.
it almost makes it more official.
like we really did go and get married.
its not all in my head.
because sometimes this whole life seems so unreal.
i don't remember growing past the age of 21.
and being old enough to know what love is.
and calling him my husband isn't me fantasizing
while writing kateigh jamieson all over my notebooks.
this is legit.
this is my life.
my dreams as reality.


Carrie said...

Oh kateigh jay... your life is wonderful, and mine is better for being a part of yours. I laughed out loud when I read your post this afternoon...

super-sonic excited for our next poppys date!

Camilla Salem said...

this makes me so so so excited to get married. really. i can't get it out of my head! your little family seems very sweet.

kateigh said...

carrie* i love that you are apart of my life. as a matter of fact, i don't know how i went so long without you in it!
im always super-sonic excited about our little dates!

camilla* it is like no other feeling. i love talking about my new little family. so much so im sure everyone is just sick of listening to me. i hope you are as happy as i am. you seem like you have a really amazing guy there ;)