the world just needs a little {love}

 i love you {rockstar husband for 150 days of married love}

i love you {warm warm coat when the gym is below zero}

i love you {mountain dew that is keeping me awake right now}

i love you {cheesy 80's songs that have made it to the gym's soundtrack}

i love you {bestie & sissy for a ridiculous friday and im sorry for our saturday}

i love you {stephanie meyer for the butterflies, the tears, and the laughs while drooling over breaking dawn}

i love you {mom for raising me to do the right thing, even when the rest of the world has not}

i love you {law & order: svu for everything you are}

i love  you {christmas time for making me all warm and fuzzy inside}

and i love you {blogger for letting me tell you how i feel and always listening}

1 comment:

xxJackie said...

my love...

my friday was awesome.
my saturday was awesome (despite the events that made parts of it not-so).
you are awesome.
& i love you, too.

See you in 1 hour and 22 minutes.