goals i would like to accomplish in 2010.

4. write a book that will change lives (letters to my children. untitled.)

12. create a non-profit organization to raise money for music & arts in schools.

16. plan a girls' road trip.

19. go to a drive in movie

21. tatto my body

24. write an auto-bio.

27. watch afi top 100

29. learn to skateboard

31. throw a fundraising event.

33. host a murder mystery dinner.

34. go camping.

36. have a cocktail dress like dinner party.

37. keep a photo journal to capture my life.

38. always stay positive.

40. travel to a new place.

51. go on a wine tour

55. take weekend vacays.

56. buy polaroid camera

64. try new foods.

65. listen to new bands. go to shows.

66. limit fast food.

67. exercise regularly

69. manis/pedis as much as possible

76. learn to kayak and rock climb

78. make day trips thru the hud valley

79. visit nyc as much as possible.

82. make mix tapes.

83. budget myself

84. celebrate every holiday.

89. participate in habitat for humanity

91. create playlists

92. continue decorating apartment

94. learn to cook well.

97. sell things on etsy

98. make a journal of local activities.

more will be added to this list! because really there's a lot more than 100 things i'd like to accomplish in life!


Marisa said...

this is a great list... i may need to do something like this. I LOVE lists.
Thank you for visiting my blog when Micaela was guest posting.

xxJackie said...

YES. Also add super-hero party. We neeeeeed it.