bathroom bliss.

i think i will start re-beautifying (yeah i make up my own words) my bathroom.
frankly, im sick of looking at it.
it's...... well plain yucky!
here are some ideas!!

{pretty grey walls with yellow accent}

{pretend this is yellow. loves!}

{fabulous silhouettes of myself & rockstar husband}

{vases filled with bright yellow flowers and delicious lemons}

{perhaps some damask on one of the walls}

{pretty b&w photos & quotes in bright yellow frames made by yours truly}

{fun white shelves with cute glass canisters with the essentials}

Oh bathroom, I'm afraid I will never leave you when you are looking as pretty as this!


angelina la dawn said...

can i just tell you how obsessed i am with yellow and gray combos?!? no, i don't think i can put it into words.....

Jenni said...

I love that yellow. Think that would make for one pretty dang amazing bathroom. I want to have my own bathroom to redo! Very cute.

*donna* said...

these ideas are all so cute. i'm totally in love with damask at the moment.

p.s. i make up words too, all the time :0)

Kimbirdy said...

Yellow is my favorite color for a bathroom - so bright and cheery! Definitely necessary for people like me who wake up grumpy because the sun's not out yet.

kateigh said...


i can't wait to actually get all this done. & i will be sure to post many pics so you can tell me what you think!