i have the world in my hands.

after speaking with someone,
(wtih whom i have recently started to have long heartfelt conversations about life and everything in between)
she has made me come to realize something.
a few somethings actually.
something i feel awful for never noticing.
(being that her situation is highly different from mine)
and something that makes me so happy, i want to burst with tears of joy.
she, just tonight, compared mine and rockstar's relationship to that of a fairy tale.
as i blushed, it got me thinking. then explaining.
1. my friends used to laugh at me. they would tell me my standards for boys were too high. and love wasn't like it was in the movies. i wasn't going to get the fairy tale ending that i wished for. it didn't happen like that.
2. i did get it. but i guess it is more fairy tale in words than it is in life. let me elaborate.

myself & rockstar husband.
we have an amazing relationship.
one i couldn't have ever even dreamed of until it happened.
(one day i promise i will tell the entire story of "us")
it is fairy tale.
he's says the right things.
we do tons of fun stuff.
we laugh and laugh and laugh,
we like the same things and hate the same people.
everything just works.
it works, because  we work.
we have to compromise and accept and forgive.
and a million other things that are not easily done.
especially for 2 strong willed people such as ourselves.
we bicker about nonsense, we get moody and we are down right nasty sometimes.
(we've never actually yelled at each other tho)
but everyday there it is.
my happily ever after.
he says the right things, and we do tons of fun stuff.
i explained to my new friend that i discovered what love is all about.
you know you love someone, like full heartedly love someone,
when you are the maddest at them. like infuriated with them.
but you don't want them to be anywhere, but by your side.
when i am my angriest, i need him.
i want  him to tell me it's going to be ok.
i want him to love me.
i only want to be with him.

(sometimes we feel like this)

(and sometimes he draws hearts out of pizza grease for me)

another something.
i have the most amazing family in the entire world.
there are a million of us, and together we can conquer the world.
i count on them for most everything.
they are the nails that hold me together.
they have made me me!
the more i talk about them to other people,
the more i realize. i am the luckiest girl in the world.

(i may have explained this before but just a refresh)
my grandparents had 6 amazing children.
out of which came 17 amazing grandchildren.
which then came 3 great grandchildren.
unfortunately, my grandparents are no longer here to see how this family has grown so beautifully.
but i know they see.
so basically, i grew up with 16 best friends.
i love them each for different reasons.
i mean we are all so different.
some grew up in cali, some long island, some upstate, pa, chicago, and nyc.
we were everywhere.
but it didn't stop one bond from being formed.
people can't even keep up when i talk about my family.
they are seriously my life.

and i know that they are amazing.
and i know i should be beyond grateful.
but i think sometimes we need a good reminder.
to how good our life really is.


Micaela said...

you are blessed! as you should be darling girl.

i want a rockstar marriage like yours. this, this is my wish for me and my brand new fiance :)


ps. i can't wait to hear the story of you two!

Sarah C said...

i so love this post!

i love to hear other stories of fabulous marriages people have - ones where they admit that love can be work. hubs and i feel this way... we are so unbelievably in love and adore being married, but it isn't a fairy tail! there are grumpy mornings and stressful weeks - but at the end of the day we are just so happy to be together.

three cheers for rockstar marriages!

Kimbirdy said...

So sweet! Isn't it amazing when you get to that place in a relationship where you have to work so hard, but it just makes you even more in love?! Here's to investing in that proverbial savings account of love! :)

kateigh said...

thanks so much. its so true. imperfections are what make the world go round. if everything was perfect all the time, life would be boring.

but it's the perfect fit for me. it's the fairy tale written for and by me.

thanks girls!!


marisa said...

i just love this post and I you are right that "sometimes we just need a reminder" it may inspire a post for me.