clearing out room for happiness. that & nothing more.

i was reading all new blog posts
(my absolute fave thing to do at work and something i am really going to miss with my new job)
and i came across a really amazing post.
with such great meaning and something i need to do.

{you must read this}

it is all about making a clearing in your life.
clearing out the clutter.
of anything. it could be small or it could be huge.
in my case, i need huge.
dont get me wrong, as you can probably tell,
i LOVE my life.
& life in general really.

i just feel like i need a new start. with new aspirations, inspirations and dreams.
with new views.
and with a few start-overs and do- overs.

i don't want any weight tying me down.
i want to wake up each morning,
take a breath of fresh air.
and live my life drama and clutter free.

so often girls are hated because of their "drama"
and as a girl.... im guilty.
we hate when other people are dramatic.
but when we, ourselves dish it, it seems perfectly acceptable.
so i am decluttering that from my life.

i have decided there is no room for hate in my life.
this doesn't mean i am going to force myself to like people or things i don't want to.
this means i am not going to spend time hating them.
my feelings are being reserved for strictly happy moments.
and there's just no room for negative thoughts.
(peter pan theory perhaps?)

i have pondering this since my bestie's post.
and then today reading this post, it really clicked.
i want all my energy to go into relationships i cherish.
instead of people i could care less about.
(and there are a few friendships in my life that are in desperate need of mending)

and in the literal sense of "clearing out"
who doesn't feel better when their closets are organized, kitchens cleaned, bedrooms tidy and cars spotless?
it's instant gratification!

so thank you
analiese & jackie.
thank you for all your wise words and smart actions.


Analiese Marie said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and the shout-out. I am glad that my post is inspiring others to do the same. You are 100% right that there is no room for anything less than wonderful in your life. By the way, I really love your blog and look forward to reading more!

DescribeHappy said...

Thanks for pointing to Tulips and Tea! I too really enjoyed that post about clearing! It's a big leap you are taking by vowing to put all your energy into good things... it's incredible and so rewarding

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Luckily my life isn't too cluttered, but I definitely need to make a few changes. My closets are a different story, they're filled to the brim, and I know I'd feel a lot better if could de-clutter those!

chelsea rebecca said...

loved this post. really needed this because i've got so much clutter. (in my room and life) and have been meaning to clean it out!! and now i am inspired!

Carolyn said...

I love this post. soo true and exceptionally inspiring. I am a reformed clutterer (is that even a word)and found that once I cluttered all the physical stuff..the drama and other mentally cluttering stuff had to go too..it has been a primarily rewarding journey. I wish you the same

Sarah C said...

i love decluttering my house... thanks for the reminder that our lives could use some cleaning up, too. i think i often forget that. it's so easy to focus on the superficial and neglect our attitudes and outlook on life.


kateigh said...

so true... i think this should definitely make for a more than wonderful life. thanks so much for all the encouragement.
and good luck to all of you who have decided to start the clearing also!