top five tuesday.....

tOp *5* celeb boy crushes
{me and rockstar husband each have lists (top five lists) of 5 girl and 5 boy celebs we are allowed to cheat on each other with. i really secretly hope he meets one of his boy crushes for a severely awkward situation hehe}

1. matthew mcconaughey
2. ryan reynolds
3. michael cera
4. travis barker
5. jude law

(but mattew fox is sloooowwwly creeping up there. just cant decide who he would replace)


Jenni said...

Oh Ryan Reynolds - I crush hardcore on that boy. Man, he is one hot piece of meat. Good list, like this one ;)

Kimbirdy said...

Dannon and I totally have our celebrity freebie list! We figured since we live in california we should probably be prepared. :)

Micaela said...

sooo cute :) and i can tell a lot about you by your crushes.

jude law, YES!!! where's R Patz?! :)

my girl crush is jen aniston but i call penelope cruz my girlfriend.

my name is STEPHANIE said...

our top 3 might be exactly the same lol

kateigh said...

yay for beautiful boys!!

m- you'll see him on a future list. see im more in love with edward than robert. but edward... oh my edward. hehe.

you have excellent taste steph ;)

kim- good luck!! hehe.

Cynthia said...

eeee! I love michael cera