top 5 tuesdays.

i was hanging out with bestie the other day.
(surprise surprise)
when she brought to my attention i have a lot of "top fives"
when i absolutely loooove something,
i usually follow it up with, thats def in my "top five"
truth is, there may be more than 5 in each of these categories.
as i never took the time to really think it out.
i just like something and there it is..... top five.

i blame all this top five nonsense on the ridiculous obsession i had for high fidelity.
back in the day.
 haven't seen it? watch it.
and you too will be slanging "thats so my top five."
it is in no correlation to myspace.
this came before myspace.
(believe it or not there was a world previous to this and facebook. crazy i know.)

sooo as i sit here.
i figure, maybe i need to establish some lists.
(obvi my fave thing to do! can you tell?)
soooo i am going to  have a top five tuesday.
every week you will get a little bit of me.
and i would just loves it if you would send me yours!

{tOp 5}
{favorite blogs! @ the moment}
1. exp0sed brick
2. carrie goes to kilimanjaro
3. dolce vita
4. absent minded
5. letters to zoe

now obviously i have many many  more than this.
but i am limiting to top 5. no exceptions!
(naturally i had to start with a blog top 5)


xxJackie said...

This gives me yet another reason to love Tuesdays!
& I love you too, ps.

Jenni said...

Ahhhhhhh! I just screamed at work when I saw my name on your list. Seriously. Now everyone around me is looking at me. Okay, I just told them why I screamed. HaHa. Oh boy! Thanks for including me lady. The feeling is mutual :)

I love the top five tuesday. Maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon too!

ps- I LOVE lists and I adore that you do too. I think we would be good friends (with Jackie too, of coarse).

kateigh said...

no problem jenni!! i just love your blog.


Rhianne said...

It is definitely High Fidelity's fault that I do this as well - I love that film :) and I love top 5's brilliant idea - I can't wait to see more of yours!