one years old. & you're such a beautiful little lady.

happy birthday
teagan kathleen!

my niece turned 1 years old today!!
i just love her so.
she is the greatest baby ever!
i used to babysit on a regular basis (meaning everyday!)
and im pretty sure ive heard her cry a total of 3 times!
she is just the cutest thing ever.
(im told she looks just like me. hehe)
this little lady is one years old already.
my how this year has ran passed us.
love you teagan lady.

this one on the other hand

someone forgot to tell him it was not his birthday!
(my godson who i love ever so much)
is a monster.
in the worst sense of the word.
and i couldn't love him more.
we're going to get into great trouble when he gets older....
like we don't get into enough now.
i spoil him beyond belief.
that's what aunts are for though, rite?
(i bought him a trampoline for christmas. yay!)

these pics were from my brother.
and i can not wait to see them this weekend!
( i will be watching them allll weekend while my brother and sister-in-law are away)
i will be sure to take a ton of birthday sleepover pictures.

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xxJackie said...

I'll miss you guys this weekend!