january {in a nutshell}

*super 80's prom*
*my brother rob djing at a new bar near home*
*christmas with dad's family*
*twinies sleepover birthday*
*fave band*
*met up with old friends*
*anthony raneiri. swoon*
*my first blog swap!*
*important conference calls for my non-profit org*
*lots of birthdays*
*my first blog giveaway!*
*tons of game nights*
*tons of bestie and sissy time*
*lots & lots of cuddle time with zoey*
*not a lot of snow. yay.*

thank you january for your fabulousness. please february, follow in his footsteps!


Megan said...

Your January sounded fabulous! Here is to an even better February.

greystrawberrys said...

January does sound pretty fun! :) I second for an even better February! (Lets keep doing this then we'll have an amazing year xD)