pieces of me {february}

this month....
{i like}that i will be starting out this month in a new job. a job that will bring me closer to a career. a job which will hopefully bring nothing, but happiness. a job that will bring me & rockstar husband closer to our goals.
{i don't like} that i haven't been crossing things off my life list lately. so this month that will all change. i am ready to start new adventures.
{i want you to know} that i could not be happier that i ran into this blogland. i have met so many great people and made amazing friends. i only hope to meet you in real land one day. thanks!
{i've planned} some fabulous birthday extravaganzas for my 2 best friends. (a week apart) yay! can't wait for the parties to start!!
{i want to say to someone special} i love you. more than words can say. more than i'll ever be able to show you. but just know that i love you with every piece of me. you are my everything. my rockstar. promise me stuck forever <3

.:from the lovely:.
notes from a toothfairy


Kimbirdy said...

I love this! So sweet! And I hope you share the birthday party plans at some point - I love great party extravaganzas!

Saraharmony said...

Good luck in your new job! x

angelina la dawn said...

i'm very excited for this month too! aren't fulfilling jobs the best?

alexandria leigh said...

such a great post! good luck with your new job and getting to your goal!

Micaela said...

cheers to you and your new job! (man, i hope i can say this soon... send some good vibes my way, won't ya kate?)

i want YOU to know that i couldn't be happier you joined the blogging world because it brought you in my world.

and that last one? "stuck forever."

oh i love it :)

you rockstars! xo

Sarah C said...

i've noticed lately that i'm obsessed with lists, and this one is so great. i hope your february is all you hope it will be.

oh, and i second micaela. i'm so glad i discovered your corner of blogland. i love your love for the rockstar. and for life. thanks for inspiring us!

xxJackie said...

i like (love, actually... borderline obsessed)... everything about you.
i don't like... that you're away from me for a whole week, and then another whole week.
i want you to know... that I am eagerly anticipating your return.
i've planned... to help you cross some things off of your life list. and mine. we can do it together ♥
i want to say to someone special (that's you)... that I miss you & love you & can't wait to see you.

kateigh said...

thanks so much loves!

m- you will find something amazing, im sure of it. i would hire your bright shiny self in a heartbeat.

bestie- i miss you like crazy!! i can't wait for our fabulous life list adventures. (and for a certain someone's birthday!) love you!