knick knack exchange. yay!

how perfect!!
i am in love with all the swaps and exchanges in blog world.
im pretty sure it is my absolute favorite thing about blog world.
ok second to being able to release all my thoughts into the open.

but this one.
this one is spectacular!
danielle from dinosaur toes (an absolutely fabulous blog)
has set up a knick knack exchange.
basically, you find a cute little chachca (my moms word for knick knack)
that describes YOU!
then you send it along to someone else out there in blogland.
and you will receive one from someone else.
i get a fun new treasure and get to learn about you?

thanks so much danielle for this fabulous little exchange!
i hope you all go straight over to join.
or email her your info @

now what to send........ <3


Megan said...

I am excited about this one too!

greystrawberrys said...

i'm excited about this too! :) I love getting stuff in the post!


Micaela said...

right up there with your delightful book swap! :)

i'm so glad you're in love.
can you believe this fabulous blogger lives in my new city?

chachca queen (LOVE that word!) i can't wait to see what you come up with! in the mean time, this calls for a visit to the antique sore i discovered or good ole etsy :)