rocK*Star loVe {7th grade sweethearts}

i walked into the lunchroom.
7th grade.
after weeks of missed school.
because the popular girls tortured me. the new girl.
(apparently that's what happens when their crush likes you. boo.)
i did not want to go back. i did not want to live there.
i wanted to be by myself.

but there he was.
bowl hair cut. big brown puppy dog eyes. baggy jencos. and some vans.
not the kind of boy i was used to in nyc.
the kind of boy i was oh so ready to get used to here.
i made friends instantly with this table of highly unique people.
within weeks. we were "it".
we were 7th grade boyfriend & girlfriend.
basically, we held hands and sat together at lunch.
but if you ask me who my first love is.
it's that 7th grade heart throb.
that skater boy. <3

we dated a total of 7 times between 7th and 9th grade.
but high school drifted us.
he was that punk rock band geek.
and me, i was the cheerleader.
we waved in the hall. thats it.
but secretly, i always hoped i would get more than a wave.
for four years, his locker sat next to mine.
and for four years, i drooled over him.
as he brought girlfriend after girlfriend by.
(don't get me wrong i looked at other boys.)
but none so cute as this grungy boy with crazy sideburns
with a camera & drumsticks always in hand.

at graduation we stood next to each other.
and said more words to each other in that line
than we had all of high school combined.
i probably blushed a million times
while a bagillion butterflies danced in my stomach.

he went to college.
i went to college.
i slowly forgot about this 7th grade crush.

to be continued....


Kimbirdy said...

What?! This is an adorable story so far! I can't wait to find out the rest!

And Jencos... oh those were the days. :)

xxJackie said...


This is one of my fav stories.
i love that you're telling it.
tell more! tell more!

Marisa said...

NO fair to leave us hanging....
I love this and the way you tell it si so charming.

Wishful Nals said...

lovely story + lovely blog. xo

JMay said...

Are you serious? Awww, I loved reading this, brought a smile to my face!

Elizabeth Denise said...

cute story!!! if this is real and you're talking about your husband i'm just going to die.