new big things... bring it on!

so here it is, folks.
my very last night working nights.
my very last night working in this ice box of a gym.
i will definitely miss it.
it had its perks.
but its that time.
time to put this behind me and venture on.
to all the new & exciting things my life will bring me to next.

i will have a new position at american eagle outfitters come monday.
as a visual merchandise manager.
and for this... i am terrbily excited.
i will be in pa for 2 weeks of training. then off i go.
i have been in this position before.
different circumstances. different company.
so i only hope ae brings me to where my dreams are.
and make it all reality.
or atleast brings me significantly closer.

things i will miss about the gym:
the numerous random admirers i have come to meet
boys who think they are body builders and can't lift what they are trying to.
weekends off.
reading books. all night.
having my days to do as i please.
{dates with bestie}
the fabulous friends ive made.
and the countless hours ive spent learning about their lives.
and of course BLOGGING!!

thats rite, this is where i do all my blogging.
needless to say, i will have to get a new routine in during my day
to catch up with all my fabulous friends.
and i am giving myself a goal to continue to post regularly.

thank you gym. for a great past year.
thank you for giving me a break from the stressful job i was in.
thank you for giving me time to sit back and reflect.
thank you!

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Carrie said...

YAYAYAYAY! so excited for you! I can't believe that you'll be gone when I get back, though. two whole weeks? sad face.