pieces of me... 20*10

pieces of me in january.
pieces of me in 2010. wow.

this month......
{i like}  that we're ringing in the new year completely 80's out. with my favorite people. sure to make 2010 a keeper ; )

{i don't like}  that it is still the season of snow. this may be my don't like until april!

{i want you to know}  i've been contemplating more & more tattoing my body. like all over.

{ive planned} to be fabulous this year. nothing will be in my way. i will make our dreams come true.

{i want to say to someone special}  sorry i've been such a horrible friend. i know i need to keep in touch more. but i promise i love you to death!  

.:from the lovely:.


Jenni said...

I think my "don't like" might be the same as you until April as well. HaHa. I HATE being cold. I HATE ice. I HATE snow. I'm not even a fan of cute hats, gloves and scarves! Blah. Is it spring yet?

marisa said...

this is a great list...
i love the last one.

kateigh said...

oh Jenni, we may be one in the same. There's nothing I hate more than winter and snow and cold and all that comes along with it. (how I haven't moved away by now is beyond me) Spring can not come quick enough.

thanks so much marisa!!