with crazy make-up & big hair. comes crazy new adventures & big dreams.

so i am a planner at heart. 
i live to plan things..... mostly plan parties.
so new years eve this year was a project i had been looking forward to for quite some time.
i believe myself to be a pretty optimistic person. a positive person.
someone who tries to make the best of situations.
but i must say i have lacked these qualities in the past few new years eves.
i have not had any new years eves to be mentioned.
they weren't awful. nothing bad happened.
the problem is nothing happened.
they were fairly uneventful.

so i promised myself not this year.
i am not starting off this decade in a funk.

so planning was to be done.
and ideas were to be created.

what a way to kick off 2010...
by partying like it was 1984.
{check out all the fun pictures on exposed brick}

and fun was had.
i now feel sorry for all future new years eves in the future.
i don't think there will ever be another 2010.

who am i kidding?
i am already in the works for next year.
only bigger and better things to come!

but one thing at a time.
i am now super-sonic excited (love you carrie) about

there will be new friends, new memories, new memories with old friends.
new adventures, new loves, new addictions, new emotions.
and a brand new year for me and rockstar husband to celebrate.
(our favorite thing to do)

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