{poprocks} book swap <3

*bOOk SwaP*

ever since micaela's lovely ornament swap, i have been dying to have one.
i love the idea of connecting on such a personal level with everyone out there in blog world.
i wanted to do something that would reflect me.
i wanted to swap something that could reveal a little something about you!

so here it is. the first of many {poprocks} book swaps.
pick your favorite or one that brings meaning to your life.
(in the hopes that it will do the same in someone else's)
it could be new, old, funny, serious.
i want it to represent you!
to make it even more special,
i want you to inscribe a lovely little note on the inside cover.

i don't know about you.
but there is not much i love about winter.
one thing that always stands out.
is sitting all cozy on the couch with a good book.
so what better time to start this than the coldest of months
(for us new yorkers anyway)
and if you're lucky enough to have the sun shining on your face,
maybe it could be a good read for the beach!

i am beyond excited about this swap.
even better. we'll do it again next month.
where you will get the chance to re-swap the same book you were given,
or send another piece of yourself out into the world.

i just LOVE reading.
i am always looking for new ideas.
and i really LOVE collecting books for my book shelf
(altho mine still have been packed away since the move *tear*)

i hope you all are just as excited as i am for this.
 email me @
by january 20th to be a part.
{be sure to include your name, mailing address, & blog address in your email}

bonus: for every beautiful lady that joins the swap,
i will be donating a book to our local children's shelter.
you may even send one to me yourself that you would like to donate!

{repost & comment the link and be entered into a super secret giveaway}


JMay said...

Ok, I'm definitely in for this :-)
Great idea lady!



xxJackie said...

AHHHH! I'm in!!

Carrie said...

yayayaya! supersonic excited for this! I've been waiting all holiday for this!

kateigh said...

great i can't wait!! make sure to spread the word!!


Micaela said...

OH HECK YES I AM IN!!! and you better believe i will be reposting about this FOR SURE! i am sooo excited and just in LOVE with the idea of it all. It's BRILLIANT! a lovely inscription to the person who gets your book... LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i am SOOO in.
emailing you now :)


Carrie said...


Nahl said...

I'm in! Yayie, so excited! :)

kateigh said...

great! i'm so very excited for this. i have been thinking about it for awhile.

jenny & nahl send me your address at katiegh.jamieson@gmail.com

thanks for the support loves!


Amanduh said...

i did it!


the donating to a children's shelter is the best part o this thing :)

chelsea rebecca said...

i just found your blog {through carrie travels post about your book swap!} and I LOVE THIS IDEA. plus your list of aspirations is so inspriring. i love it!
i would absolutely love to be a part of this!!!

Farah said...

Hi there, I found your swap from Micaela's lovely blog. I am so in!! love it! xoxo

Sara said...

You should SO count me in! This could be one of the best things I have seen in the blog world!

Sarah C said...

hey girl - just found out about this from micaela's blog. your's is lovely! and i love, love, love the idea of a book swap! i'm always in need of new ones, and i love sharing my books with others.

i'm sending you an email right now...

Erin said...

Love it! Love mail. Love books. Can't wait to take part. Just emailed you...

Erin said...

I've posted all about it and linked to your blog. But I got confused about the "Create a Link" option. Just trying to figure it out now!

Kimbirdy said...

I just discovered your blog, and the book swap, thanks to the blog Pughs' News and I love it all! Such a great idea and I think I have just the book!

Krissa said...

I came over from Micaela's blog.... I LOVE this...and I am so IN!! I will email you my info soon...such a fun idea!!!

greystrawberrys said...

Wow this is such a good idea, can UK bloggers be in too? i hope so :( I've just found all these amazing blogs as well, and this sounds really fun. xx

Jenni said...

Oh I'm SO in for this. I'd love to get a new good book to read - especially one that comes highly recommended from a fellow blogger. So excited.

My email address is on my blog.

greystrawberrys said...


Doing a post with it was my pleasure, anything to get the word around ^^

Looking forward to it! <3

angelina la dawn said...

what a wonderful swap! i agree with pretty much everything you just said. yep, you're right on! this is gonna be awesome :)

Marisa said...

i am so anxious for this swap. I love the inscription idea as well.

Marisa said...

heading over to repost this...

DescribeHappy said...

I'm glad I didn't miss this!! I found you through Carrie's blog and already can't wait to participate! Sending you an email and linking to the post right now!

DescribeHappy said...

And.. we're linked!


Whoot whoot!!

Moose said...

Count my mom in! She can read the book to me...stop by my blog and you can see why! Tail Wags to All.

kELLO! said...

i'm game! such a cute idea.
and i'm sad that i'm just now aware of your blog, but excited for many many more posts :)

sanders said...

Oh man, I am sooo in!
I love reading and this is just such a wonderful idea!
Emailing you right now!

xoxo, Sandra

Meg said...

Oh ym gosh Kateigh, I am sooo in! And I have the most perfect book!

I am so excited!

Hope all is well with you =)

I'm emailing you momentarily.


Cassie said...

I have thought and thought and thought some more but I have given into it - I am IN!!

bd said...

posted, check!
commenting, check!

sooo excited for this super secret giveaway but more excited for this swappy swap!

bd said...



agirl said...

Count me in! You have been duly emailed. And perhaps the other swapettes might be interested in this pledge to read the printed word? http://readtheprintedword.org/


Little Miss Independent said...

i love this idea! just found your blog and i'm super excited!

The Mrs. said...

darn too late! but this is a fantastic idea and if you don't mind I might even have to borrow this in the future sometime.

blair said...

oh boo i would have loved to participate in this!!! what a great idea. and as a life long book worm i think it is such a gift that you are donating books. keep up the good work.




Kattrina said...

Oh, I wish I had known about this a month earlier - what a great idea!! I hope you have another one.

becca b said...

I wish I had found this earlier! I want to be a part of a book swap sooo bad--they're just so great!