we think the same thinks.

{stolen from the fabulous Marisa who is guesting on dolce vita}

this post started out all different.
it was going to be a post about how i miss my "sole" mate.
just a little note.
in the process i received a text message. from bestie.
it looked like this.

that's right. the same image i started this very post with.
do you see what i mean?
love her. lots & lots!

this is what friendship looks like folks.
in its truest form.

so here's to you bestie.
& to a fabulous 2010.


xxJackie said...

I effing love you & our telepathy.

chelsea rebecca said...

just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! its adorable! love the main picture! thanks for the wonderful read!

Carrie said...

knowing that you two have found one another makes me so freakin happy.

Kateigh, I am so glad that my sweet sis has you in her life now. (and that you are also very much in mine)

Jenni said...

That is so sweet. You and Jackie are the cutest <3

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

aw, i want to read this ot my bestie!

K. said...

this is sweet!

Micaela said...

love this! i believe in that connection. seriously, us 4 girls have got to meet up and have a no pants party! haha (that sounds funny!)

i believe we will :)

xxJackie said...

I agree with Micaela. We need to have a blogger weekend <3

Marisa said...

how cute is that... I agree on the get together.. love you both