rocK*Star loVe {dippin dots}

we walked in.
me rockstar boy. cousin la. cousin kait.
our hearts were pounding.
which roller coaster would we ride first?
ok we ran in.
we make six flags a regular thing come summer.
and ben was insistent i bring my cousins along on the trip.
which wasn't out of the ordinary because we bring them often.
and he loves them just as much as i do.
he's adorable.
we made it onto one roller coaster when it came.
the faint drizzle.
so the roller coasters one by one closed down.
i suggested the ferris wheel
(being that the smaller rides all seemed to still be running)
rockstar boy agreed.
wait he never wants to go on the ferris wheel.
by the time we got there that too was closed.

i was pouting.
i was angry. like a 5 year old who you wouldnt let play outside.
and that day. i decided it was his fault that everything was closing.
and it was his fault it was raining.
and his fault this day wasn't the fun i thought it would be.
(sometimes things are just easier blamed on boys.hehe)
i was just in a rotten mood.

i decided we should leave.
altho cousins and rockstar were fighting me on it.
why stay in the rain?
i was leaving for san diego at 2 am that night for work.
i didn't want to spend all day there if we weren't able to ride anything.

in an effort to cheer me up.
rockstar boy stopped to get me some dippin dots.
(my absolute fave. its a must when we go there)
i was grouchy to him. and he was so considerate.
so we made our way to the exit.
now smiling with some astronaut ice cream to keep me company.

my cousins ran ahead and ben trailed behind.
and there i was in the middle.
completely content with my cup and spoon.
and the thought of heat and dryness in the car.

i dropped my spoon.
the world went hazy.
all i heard was a woman frantically screaming next to me.
and there.
in front of my dippin dots.
a ring.
a whaaat???
what is this?
rockstar boy's arm stretched out around me with a box with a ring in it.
i turned before words came out of his mouth.
i kissed him.
i kissed him like i had never kissed him before.
he didn't have to say anything.
i said yes.
with tears.
yes. yes. yes.
he did it.
and i didn't expect it at all.
i mean we knew we were going to marry each other.
no doubt.
but we didn't say when. and i didn't need it to be then.
until that ring shined in front of me.
but there it sat.
in the box.
embarrassed to ask. i had no idea what hand that ring was supposed to go on.
yes i admit it. what kind of girl am i?
i didn't know what to do.
and by the look of his face he didn't either.
i blamed it on my hands being sticky.
i held the box in my hands. clenched to my heart.
(i must confess i am tearing up just writing this)

we reached the car and i had immediately called my mom.
(whom i knew had known because the ring was left to me by my grandmother. and he wouldn't have had it without asking for it. love him even more. )
she answered screaming.
(thank goodness i hadn't called earlier just to say hi)
my family just adored him.
and couldn't wait to welcome him into our family.
although he was already there. so officially welcome him.
every person i called on the 2 hour drive home answered anxiously.
he had already informed every family member.
(remember how many of them i mentioned earlier? eek)
he called every friend.
he wanted everyone's permission first.

a little sad i didn't get to tell anyone the news.
(besides work people who once on the plane noticed my new accessory)
but ecstatic that i had found him.
found someone so in tune to my feelings.
someone who knew to speak to my family and friends.

my mom always joked with him.
when you ask kateigh to marry you.
make sure you give her a story.
she doesn't like big jewelry. she's not a crazy romantic.
but she will need a good story.
and did he ever?
he gave me the best story. my favorite story.


angelina la dawn said...

how beautiful! i love stories like this- where the proposal is so perfect and unique to the couple. thank you for sharing!

greystrawberrys said...

I've really enjoyed reading these stories the past few days, they've really made me smile, and its really romantic. :)


Micaela said...

oh my goodness, SWEETEST LOVE STORY EVER!!! seriously Kate, I knew you guys had a magical one... but this ... no words.

may you always feel just as in love (i adore how in LOVE you still very much are- that you teared up as you were writing).

rockstar husband and his rockstar wife- indeed.

i've enjoyed every part of this story, your most favorite one.


Cynthia said...

I love your story and what your mom told your rockstar boy haha I want a story too! and how cute that he asked everyone's permission amazing

Claire (Culinarygoddess.com) said...

i love your story! such a happy and exciting one. Sounds like you have a great guy!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is such an adorable story! and how so fun! you and your rockstar husband are too cute!

kateigh said...

thank you so much for your kind words. i was so anxious as i was writing. hoping you would enjoy the story as much as i enjoy telling it.


DescribeHappy said...

I've been reading your story as you posted it and each time I wanted to hear more. With a title like dipping dots, I thought for sure I would have to wait a lot longer to hear the whole thing. Totally surprised me... and I am so giddy over it right too! Just too cool! You are amazing!

xxJackie said...

I love this story.

I especially love how it brought you both to me <3

Kimbirdy said...

So Sweet!!!

Elaine Reyes said...

you do have a story ... a great story at that!!!

i loved his proposal and i teared up reading this post.

Emily Anne said...

Your blog is simply beautiful. I love it and will definitely be following. xo

Marisa said...

i just LOVE this story and the way you wrote it was so beautiful... i felt like I was right there witnessing it in person.