rocK*Star loVe { the one}

i didn't do the boyfriend thing in hs.
i had a few, but none that lasted.
i was way too involved with my friends and my life to be bothered with a boy.
i watched my friends go through relationship after relationship.
and all i was thinking about was where the next girls night was going to be held.
i was far from a hopeless romantic.
while i was dating a boy, if we hung out 2 days in a row,
there was no way we were hanging out that third day.
by then i was sick of him.
there was this wierd thing with my past boyfriends.
each one of them had pointed out shooting stars when i was with him.
and i had never seen one.
and somehow i would miss it each time.
i even had one boyfriend who would make me sit outside for hours hoping to get me to see one.
but as soon as i got up or looked over or fell asleep.
there it would go.
the world didn't want me to see this beautiful disaster.
i told my friends when i saw a shooting star.
that's when i would know. he would be "the one"

i think i had my mom scared.
i didn't have a desire for marriage.
i had best friends.
amazing best friends at that.
and i didn't need a boy.
i was smart, independent, and my own person.
i didn't understand what it was like to be in love.
so you can see how this "thing" with rockstar boy completely threw me off.

while we were still in the talking phase,
we went out to this show (our fave thing to do)
because i was dating a rockstar.
and i wanted the world to know.
(i loved watching all the girls swoon over him at shows.but he was my drummer)
afterwards we went to a party at one of his bandmates house.
i felt like i was invited to a vip event.
and i felt even better walking in with him.

we left the party laughing and giggling.
i had no doubt had an amazing night.
on the drive home,
as i gazed out the passenger side window.
as he held my hand.
there it was......
my first shooting star.
and again. another one.
my heart skipped a beat. my breathing stopped.
it couldn't be.
(we had seriously only been with each other for maybe a month)
im a sign girl. what can i say.
i believe in everything happens for a reason.
and there was a reason i had never seen a shooting star.
because it would never been quite as beautiful as watching it with him.
i was in love.
the stars didn't lie.
i did want to marry this boy.
so i made wishes that night.
wishes to someday marry this boy. wishes for him to never break my heart.
wishes for forever.

i found out later.
when i sheepishly told this story.
(red cheeks im sure)
that i wasn't the only one wishing that night.
his best friend (who was in iraq) told me,
that was the night he knew.
that was the night rockstar boy knew i was the one.
the one he wanted to spend forever with.

so i guess one shooting star was for him. and the other was for me.
they were stars in love.
like i was in love with a rockstar.

to be continued....


Annie Cristina said...

I have chills, tears in my eyes, and basically am all verklempt after reading this blog post. Too, too sweet! You should submit this to a magazine because it would totally get published.

Krissa said...

i am so in love with your love story...its so so cute!!! yes i agree that it would get published I love it...love your writing!!! cant wait to hear more :)

Sarah C said...

oooo this is my favorite part of the story yet... keep them coming, girl! you are a fabulous storyteller!

Cynthia said...

awww I unfortunatly am a hopless romantic and this is a beautiful story!

Kimbirdy said...

Bah! You guys are way too cute! {and drummers are totally hot - lucky girl!}