rocK*Star loVe {friends}

i had refused the whole myspace phase.

if i wasnt friends with you in life,
i didnt need a computer to be friends with you!
but one day a friend needed me to look at a picture on myspace.
i had to create an account and go through a whole lotta nonsense.
and there it was.
a lonely myspace account. lonely for a couple days.

inbox: you have a friend request from ben rydia
(rydia was his band name btw)
i accepted right away and managed to throw up pictures and add friends quick!
and instantly we were messaging each other.
messaging each other as if no time had passed.
since 7th grade when we were best friends.
it wasn't awkward flirting.
it was amazing.

he was in a band.
and weeks after talking he was supposed to have a show locally.
(he was away at school at the time)
i called everyone i knew.
no one was around.
not one person to go with me.
and the shyer, more awkward me said no.
all i could think of was sitting on the side by myself while he did his thing.

he called me seconds after he was done playing
to tell me that he missed me.
my heart stopped beating.
so we made plans to hang out the following week
(thanksgiving weekend)
i was so beyond anxious.
to see this boy i had been obsessing over for years.
my little rockstar <3

the day we were supposed to hang out.
my mom had a terrible fall and shattered her knee.
i impatiently waited for my dad to call from the hospital while she was in surgery,
when the phone finally rang, it was not the voice i was expecting.
it was my mom.
she was barely awake, and obviously drugged.
yelling at me that i better not cancel this date with this cute boy
(oh my god this WAS a date. i had never been on one!)
she threatened me that she would be fine unless i was home when she got there.
(dont you just love her?)
well i was home when she got there.
but rockstar boy was on his way to get me.
actually they came in at the same time.
he walked into utter chaos.
in his head im sure he wanted to run straight out the door.
but he didn't.
and we went out.
and then again. and again.
actually our second date was shopping on black friday.
he needed to know who i was.
and that's a girl who looooves to shop!
he survived. and did fabulously i might add.
this was the start of something great.
something perfect!

to be continued....


xxJackie said...

Omg I didn't think it was possible, but I love your mom even more.

Kimbirdy said...

Way to go your mom!! Love it. And you're such a fantastic story teller! Seriously, I am completely captivated by your stories!