rocK*Star loVe {girlfriend}

it was february.
i made the long drive up to his school.
(long cold drive)
it was sooo good to see him.
i really missed him.
this was so unlike me.
but i was really getting used to this mushy love stuff girl i was becoming.
i wore it well i think.

we still hadn't titled ourselves anything.
but everytime i was with him i wanted to tell him i loved him.
i mean, literally, at every moment.
i was head over heels.
more than any girl had ever loved any boy.
(in my head atleast)

so this weekend was special.
it was my first time staying at his school all weekend.
it was 2 whole days of just me and him.
and that's when it happened.
as we layed there watching tv.
he kissed me. then looked at me so in love.
and said, "do you promise not to break my heart?"
"because i don't think i could take it if you did,
and i want to call  you my girlfriend, but only if you promise"
*sigh* how could i not be in love!!
this moment is blurry because there were soo many thoughts running through my head.
i loved him. break his heart? never.
this is the greatest moment of my life. etc.
and that's when he said it.
well it looks like you're stuck forever then!

and there we were. perfect in our own way.
i said i loved him on the first night we were official.
(strictly because he said it first)
i will remember that moment forever.

to be continued.....


Sarah C said...

ahh!! a cliff-hanger!! i'm absolutely loving these stories, kateigh... i love stories with happy endings :)

Carrie said...

i love your love story.

Elaine Reyes said...


I happen to come across your blog and I've got to say that I can't seem to get enough!!!

I love your rockstar love stories and I'm giggling like a little girl when my tummy flutters at the sweetness of your love story!

I'll be your new blog-stalker from now on :)

my name is lauren. said...

this is so beautifully written. i literally sighed with happiness while reading this.

oh...and i just saw your comment on camilla's post about stealing the indoor camping idea, and i totally hope you do! post pics...i'd love to see what your version of indoor camping looks like :).