and the winner is....


i am a movie lover. 
i grew up in a household where movies were sacrilege. 
{my first major was film}
so needless to say, the oscars are an annual must watch for this girl. 
and it is february 2cnd. 
for all of you who don't know how wonderful this day is........
they will be officially announcing the nominees for this year's academy awards.

i am super excited. 
because this year i will be hosting 
a red carpet, oscars bash. 
beautiful gowns, handsome boys in handsome suits. 
and even a little voting action. 

soooo from here til march, 
i will be watching ALL oscar worthy movies. 
scoping out the actors & actresses. 
listening to the beautiful scores. 
comparing makeup and costume. 
and determining who deserves best picture. 
{because my opinion matters hehe}

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walrus studio said...

I'm excited too! I'm a sucker for award shows. Please vote on my Oscar poll!