ive missed you.

im back!
well, sorta. 

i am still in pa, but i will be back in new york tomorrow evening,
but i am back in blogland. 
{and no more taking 2 weeks off ever again}
i had a million blogs to catch up on. 
i still don't think i got to all of them. 
and i didn't comment much being that its been a 2 week stretch since some of these were written.

{thank you everyone for being completely understanding}

what have i been up to?
1. making fabulous playlists. imagining all the little scenarios these songs would bring me to. 
2. attempting to make a fun new journal. 
3. making rockstar husband an anniversary gift. 
{it was 6 years ago this month he asked me to be his girlfriend. swoon}
4. scrounging together the perfect package for the knick knack exchange!
5. loving my new job and realizing this is where i need to be. 
this was the missing piece.
6. compiling my final {poprocks} book swap posts. 
including all the fun spread around. and giveaway winner!!
7. birthday presents for my bestest friends. 
8. watching a ridiculous amount of lost. season 4 here i come!
9. continuing to declutter the negative forces still in me. 
we're almost there. 
10. missing new york like whoa! i wanna sleep in my bed. cuddle with my puppy and lounge with my favorite neighbor blogging and watching fun movies.

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greystrawberrys said...

Things sound busy over there, but I'm glad everything is all good :) Can't wait for you to return! <3
Congratulations on your anniversary ♥